Democracy or Socialism: New Book

My new book, Democracy or Socialism: The Fateful Question for America in 2024, is here!

This is not your conventional-wisdom rant about socialism. This is a thesis about socialism from Karl Marx to the welfare state. Democracy or Socialism demonstrates how socialist thought has shaped both Europe and America through the 20th and early 21st centuries. The book explains the eerie similarities in socialist theory and practice between the Soviet empire and modern, western welfare states.

The book draws two inevitable and unsettling conclusions:

  1. There is no difference in kind between socialism under a communist dictatorship and socialism under a democratic system. The only difference that exists is a matter of how far socialism has forced democracy into compromise and concessions.
  2. The more socialism expands, the less democratic a society will be. However, the path to the demise of democracy does not run through a communist takeover; it runs through economic redistribution, also known as the welfare state.

Socialism is based on the labor theory of value. Wherever socialism expands, it replaces market prices with this Marxist value theory. It happens both under central planning and in free-market economies. In Democracy or Socialism I explain exactly how the labor-value theory is put to work, how it forces democracy into an uneasy roommate agreement that eventually breaks down into open conflict.

Europe has already reached that point of conflict. America is only a short distance behind. The 2024 election will finally and irrevocably decide America’s future: democracy or socialism.